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  1. Ballard Jones bids farewell to Comet Grove Garden.

    Ballard Jones on Birmingham and Barn Living

    Auburn alum and former Jean O’Connor-Snyder intern Ballard Jones discusses farm work in a small town, his beloved Birmingham, and the importance of mentorship in the Magic City. Read More »

  2. Students’ Institute 2016-2017 Kicks Off

    On Friday, October 21st, students from Montevallo Elementary, Middle, and High Schools set off on their first of four field trips as participants in the DMC’s 2016-2017 Students’ Institute.

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  3. Anna Lloyd Franks: Where Are They Now?

    For Anna Lloyd Franks, former JOIP intern and current Creative Director for UAB Digital Media, an interest in problem solving and peacekeeping runs deep.

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  4. JOIP: Where Are They Now?

    Over the coming year, the DMC will be featuring interviews with the alumni of our longest running program: The Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Program (JOIP).

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  5. University of Montevallo Logo

    Coaching Community Innovation at the University of Montevallo

    On Tuesday October 18th, the DMC hosted a Coaching Community Innovation (CCI) workshop for Dr. Meredith Tetloff’s advanced social work course at the University of Montevallo. DMC Assistant Program Director Rebecca Cleveland taught and moderated the workshop, while Civic Fellow Gabrielle Lamplugh took recorded notes highlighting the workshop’s emergent themes.

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  6. Minding Our Future Report

    DMC Releases Report on “Minding Our Future” Forum Series

    The David Mathews Center for Civic Life has released the concluding community report for the Minding Our Future: Investing in Healthy Infants and Toddlers forum series, which included over 1,000 attendees at 56 forums convened in 48 Alabama counties.

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  7. What’s Next, Alabama?

    Our upcoming AIF series will be focused on the hyper-local geography of prosperity and, with an eye toward the future, will urge each community to frame its own assets and challenges in order to intimately imagine new futures for the community by asking the question: What’s Next?

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  8. Looking Back and Moving Forward: Ten Years of the DMC

    The David Mathews Center for Civic Life held its Inaugural Civic Institute at the American Village on August 18th, followed by a celebratory dinner marking its tenth year as an organization.

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  9. Students’ Institute at Westlawn Middle School

    We’re proud to announce that the David Mathews Center for Civic Life recently completed a series of three Students’ Institute workshops at Westlawn Middle School in Tuscaloosa.

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  10. Coaching Community Innovation at UM

    On April 5th the DMC hosted a Moderator Development Workshop to discuss the issue of economic vitality, and what that looks like in Alabama as the state prepares to mark its bicentennial.

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