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  1. Jeff Rogers is a senior at the University of Alabama, and an alumni of the Jean O'Connor-Snyder Internship in Walker County, Alabama.

    Jeff Rogers: Facing History, Facing Each Other

    Jeff Rogers, a senior at the University of Alabama, shares his experience of confronting Alabama’s history on campus, and opening himself to the nuance and complexity of community culture on the ground. Read More »

  2. Jelani Moore contributed to a mural in Elba, Alabama during his Jean O'Connor-Snyder Internship. (Photo Credit: Auburn University, Flickr).

    Jelani Moore on Innovation and Introspection in Elba

    Jean O’Connor Snyder Internship (JOIP) alum Jelani Moore talks self-discovery and community innovation in Elba, Alabama. Read More »

  3. Ballard Jones bids farewell to Comet Grove Garden.

    Ballard Jones on Birmingham and Barn Living

    Auburn alum and former Jean O’Connor-Snyder intern Ballard Jones discusses farm work in a small town, his beloved Birmingham, and the importance of mentorship in the Magic City. Read More »

  4. Anna Lloyd Franks: Where Are They Now?

    For Anna Lloyd Franks, former JOIP intern and current Creative Director for UAB Digital Media, an interest in problem solving and peacekeeping runs deep.

    Read More »

  5. JOIP: Where Are They Now?

    Over the coming year, the DMC will be featuring interviews with the alumni of our longest running program: The Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Program (JOIP).

    Read More »

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