“Changing the way people talk can change the way they relate to each other and their problems – and that can eventually change the community.”

– David Mathews

Our purpose is to foster infrastructure, habits, and capacities for more effective civic engagement and innovative decision making.

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Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Retreat – 2014

On September 19th, the Jean O’Connor-Snyder (JOIP) interns and their faculty mentors gathered in the beautiful Rotunda at the American Village for a daylong retreat. In attendance were interns and mentors from the University of Alabama, Auburn University, the University of Montevallo, Troy University, and Tuskegee University. Also in attendance was the David Mathews Center for Civic Life staff: Chris McCauley, Executive Director; Cristin Foster, Program Director; and Robert Turner, Assistant Program Director. At the retreat, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the David Mathews Center for Civic Life, explore the history of the JOIP, gain a better…


Whetstone-Seaman Symposium

The David Mathews Center for Civic Life and the Alabama Humanities Foundation co-hosted the Whetstone-Seaman Symposium on June 26 to honor the recipient of the Whetstone-Seaman Faculty Development Award, University of Alabama professor of Philosophy Rheka Nath. Over thirty faculty, students, administrators, and others gathered for the Symposium at the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center Theater. The half-day symposium began with a word of welcome from Alabama Humanities Foundation Executive Director Armand DeKeyser. Dr. Bob Whetstone then presented Dr. Rheka Nath with the Whetstone-Seaman Faculty Development Award. The Whetstone-Seaman Faculty Development Award is a biennial essay competition open to all…


AHF/DMC Symposium at University of Alabama

Alabama Humanities Foundation and David Mathews Center for Civic Life will host the 2013 Whetstone/Seaman Symposium at The University of Alabama on June 26 to honor the winner of the Whetstone/Seaman Faculty Development Award, Rekha Nath. The symposium will also serve as an opportunity for public deliberation on the topic, “Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want?” Deliberation will be guided using an issue book developed by the National Issues Forums Institute. Nath is professor of Philosophy at The University of Alabama and will be a speaker at the symposium along with Chris…