Next, Alabama?

What does the good life mean to you?


This is a conversation about what the good life means to you and your community, and what you can do together as a community to make strides toward achieving a better life, however you define that.


What is keeping you and your community from achieving the good life? What is the most important issue to you? Is it better schools or access to healthcare? Is it clean water or broadband internet? Is it access to healthy food or safe neighborhoods to raise a family?


Think of an issue in your community that has been on your mind for a long time--something that seems impossible to change.


This is your chance to finally take on that issue, in a way that is local, community-driven, respectful, and productive. Through a series of three public and deliberative community forums, your neighbors and friends will come together to discuss your community's economic past, present, and future.

It's not the Alabama you know,

it's the Alabama you make.

Which Alabama do you call home? When we ask, “What’s Next, Alabama?”, which Alabama are we talking about? Our state is vast and diverse, from the Gulf Coast to the Shoals, from the Black Belt to the Wiregrass--we know that there isn’t one Alabama--there are many. Each region and each county of our state has something unique to offer, but Alabama is not immune to the larger trends impacting the economy. Like many other states, and our nation as a whole, Alabama has struggled to adapt to a new, twenty-first century economy that requires a highly educated, adaptable, and skilled workforce.


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What's Next, Alabama?

What's Next,