“Changing the way people talk can change the way they relate to each other and their problems – and that can eventually change the community.”

– David Mathews

Our purpose is to foster infrastructure, habits, and capacities for more effective civic engagement and innovative decision making.

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"Separate and Unequal in 1963" Forum - Notasulga High School

On February 20 and 27, 2015, students at Notasulga High School pondered some of the most difficult, challenging, and influential decisions made in the past one hundred years. Is the potential sacrifice worth the achievement of equality? Ninth and tenth grade students assumed the roles of citizens living in 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, to answer that very question. Using the “Separate and Unequal in 1963: How Can We Create a Fair Society?” issue guide created by the David Mathews Center for Civic Life and Alabama Public Television, students pondered the following three options to overcome the issue of racial inequality in historic Birmingham: 1. Use legislation to make a difference; 2. Develop relationships with others to create a movement; and 3. Take immediate action through boycotts and demonstrations.
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